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Welcome to the State of European Tech 2018

We're proud to present the 2018 edition of the State of European Tech report, which is once again the single, most comprehensive data-driven story of European technology today. Hello

It's been another incredible year for European tech - but there are some significant challenges too.

We write this report to shine a light on the issues that matter in the European ecosystem. We aim to enrich conversations, highlight challenges, and support more informed decision making by closing the knowledge gap between perception and reality.

Each year we aim to produce a resource that is more comprehensive than the last. To this end, you’ll notice that this report is a lot longer than in previous years. This was a deliberate decision. Our data is open, and our hope is as many people as possible will use it to help tell the stories that matter to them in Europe.

This report wouldn’t be possible without collaboration with our partners. As ever we are deeply grateful for their help and support.